(Русский) FutuRift V2

We are glad to present attraction of FutuRift of version 2.

The renewed version plugs in itself management possibility by a playing process by means of joystick, possibility of game on a network between two and more than players! All shortages of previous version are removed. In a complete set the maximal amount of рифтов and options goes along with attraction, without a rise in prices of eventual cost.

Color of attraction of the second version by default - red. But, at own discretion, you can choose any color, attraction the same under Your entertaining zone or terms

Many in their childhood wanted to become pilots or cosmonauts. Growing up, such professions are acquired only by units, but the desire to sit at the helm of the aircraft remains. Thanks to the newest digital technologies and brilliant engineers, attractions have been created that make it possible to realize a childhood dream. On the company's website www.jautriba.lv you can buy a Fly Motion attraction in which every Latvian citizen can feel himself as a pilot of a real fighter.

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