FutuRift - a virtual reality attraction in the form of a stylish capsule cabin.

Interactive, interesting and highly sought after virtual reality entertainment device, developed "siz Degrees", an innovative solution for the company.

Attractions futuristic capsule cabin is mounted on a special platform. This device makes it possible to move in different directions that allows you to experience the full sense of reality and attractions allows the user to become an active participant.

Capsule unusual shape and the various functions attracts a large number of people who want to try it and interested in this product only grows.

Unique virtual reality attraction

FUTURIFT - the newest attraction on the basis of the flagship virtual reality Oculus Rift DK 2.
mobile platform Innovation
Due to the ease and compactness FUTURIFT design - the mobile attraction!
Minimum investments
Easy control (no professionally trained staff needed)
Mobility when moving within the entertainment and game area
Easy installation
Strong demand from the audience
Leading-edge design and style of the dynamic capsule

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